Month: March 2015

Christina Perri’s fashion and lifestyle

She would rather spend time reading book on the bus.
Christina Perri would rather spend time reading book on the bus.

Christina Perri, a famous, talented singer-songwriter has made her amazing performance concert in March, 3rd in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time she visited and performed her concert here, in Malaysia after she made a promise to come back. The well-known hits Jar of hearts and A Thousand Years song that brings her up to this level, from a waitress to a popular singer to all over the world. She has a very soft and angelic voice which inspired people to write songs. Christina is incredibly soulful and honest in delivering her feeling through music and brings emotional performance towards the crowds. She was welcoming everyone with genuine warmth heart and made people easily fall for her.

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Lady Gaga Shopping’s Tips

Lady Gaga for Versace
Lady Gaga for Versace

Basically, we will put so much effort if it is involved with our shopping activity, especially when it relates to our physical appearance. Some studies have shown the level of satisfaction of the customer towards fashion is somehow related to their purchasing behavior. Lady Gaga earned 33 million as of June 2014. She is a very successful celebrities who are able to capture people attention all over the world-people mostly interested in her fashion style, including her glamorous shoes, boots, sunglasses and other accessories. Let’s see how Gaga perceives about fashion and her shopping affects her life.

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