Avoid From Manipulating Apps Rank

A viral photo in China

The technology has changed rapidly and give a huge impact on most of people nowadays. The technology is not only manipulating people, but being manipulated in ways that could give some drawback not only to the user, but to the developer at the same time. So we will go to see what is the drawback of this manipulation and how we can solve the problem from our perspective.

Report on the article

The recent article has gone viral which shown a picture of a woman who worked for a Chinese Apps store manipulation farm. In order to boost up their rank, the woman is responsible to download, install, and uninstall certain application through dozens of iPhone 5Cs from her special workstation. Besides, the picture of this service also attached from certain sites. If you want to get into top 10 free apps will cost RMB 70,000 (US$ 11,200), and to remain it there will cost additional RMB 405,000 (US$ 65,000) per week. Most of the negotiation is over the instant messaging service, QQ. Even the developer itself will publish the job for reviewing and will pay some amount of money to the third party.

In conjunction with this issue, Apple is taking their action against fake ratings on the App store. Apple has removed those fake reviews after undergoing for thorough investigation about those fraudulent and manipulating cases. But we don’t know how Apple discovers the fake review and app. Another case, we can see why a user is involved in this issue is that the developer are trying to persuade users by giving 5 star review in exchange for free font.

This issue also happens to certain blogs, website,  whereby the developer will use more or less the same tactics to get as much visitor as possible to visit their website. The same thing happens to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The developer is willing to pay to get the fake followers. On December 2014, Instagram has removed those fake accounts, people and posts that do not follow the community guidelines. The reason behind it is to establish a good experience on Instagram. As a developer, how will your response to the followers if they realized that the number of your account followers are suddenly decrease? It might be suspicious of them and they will surely play their important role by spreading news through word of mouth. At the end, you will lose followers and has no reputation anymore.

There are many consequences to the developers and users and the economy of the country. Developers will lose the credibility as people are less concerned about to install, to download, or to follow certain application. So the developers are not able to make money and will incur lost. It has also given impacts on the economy because technology does contribute to the economic growth.

Within five months, Albaloo manage to get more than 20 000 and 30 000 followers on Facebook and traffics on the website as well as blog respectively. It is such an impressive response from the users. So, here we will discuss what are some strategies that we apply to get more followers without manipulating the technology.

Albaloo, find fast & easy, deals near you

Accurate information

Albaloo always tries to give the best information to the users. There is a system that enables GPS browser. The modern browser is able to detect the current location of the user. It will ask for the current location because our main focus is to give more precise and accurate information as well as reliable content to the user to satisfy their needs. We also attached the tutorial on the website so that user can view how to operate the system.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly is very significant nowadays. People are always engaging with the smartphones and tablets all day compared with PCs. Albaloo also will give the best experience by providing friendly user application. It is an advantage for IOS and Android user because they are able to get this application from apps store and playstore. So if you want to check the deals at your current place, you can simply check it from your smartphones anywhere at anytime. Another thing is, Albaloo also associated with the media social. This is what users are looking for. That is the easiest way to communicate and build good rapport with the customers. The more it is easy to operate, the more people will tend to use your application and you can get more followers.

Authentic and confidentiality

Albaloo will make sure the authenticity of the seller before approving the post advertised. It is very important to get customers’ trust because it is very important to know how customers perceived about our services. Without trust, we cannot get customer attention. By keeping their information as private and confidential without leaking it to the third party, we believe that it is among the factor that able to increase our customers and followers.

Create customer awareness

Create customer awareness of a new deal by convincing them to subscribe to the Albaloo’s newsletter. So the latest information will directly go to their email. It will create a high opportunity for the user to visit the website rather than trying to search for the new potential customers. Apparently it will help us to attract more visitor to our website and blogs.

Better performance

Albaloo always concern to deliver a better performance to the user. It is our responsibility to make sure customer are satisfied with our service by enhancing our performance in every aspect. As people like “free” thing, so another way to attract customers’ attention is to give them an opportunity to post advertisement on Albaloo’s website as a private seller without any fees. We do encourage any feedback from the users to improve our performances. Though, better performance will lead to increase the number of customers to the website.

Quick response

Immediate of response is the next element that could attract the number of users and get customer retention. Let say, if a user has a problem related to our website, they might drop their comment at Instagram or Facebook, instead of sending private email to us. So, to avoid from getting a bad response from outside influence, we must respond promptly to the subject matter and avoid being emotional. This is how we face the matter that arise. We will not going to do something which will tarnish our good image.


To conclude, it is not possible for us to break the rule, even though it will bring high profit to our organization. We must remember that users are getting more brilliant since technology is developed.  Do not break the trust of the customers or else we would lose their trust forever. We can’t stop developers from manipulating and engaged in fraudulent activities, but once the authority intervenes, we have to face the possible risk.

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