High end luxury brands in Malaysia

The high end luxury brands in Malaysia have come of age, particularly in the capital city of Kuala lumpur.

If a person from outside the city comes here for an excursion, the most lasting impression of his excursion is the high advertorial content of various luxury brands on the streets of the golden triangle.

Over the years the luxury brands like Versace, Armani, Calvin Klein etc have insinuated into the minds of the city dwellers that class and status always come with a luxury branded product they are donning in the eye of their peers. It has the main topic of conversation for many of the young and trendy living in the city for years displaying their designer brands and a mentioned of a brand would inevitably place themselves in an ‘inner circle’ of friends where class and status is a norm. This is the result of years of advertising and promotion efforts of many multinational luxury brands, slowly cultivating a culture of class and norm.

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The advent of information technology have further abetted in the cultivation of a ‘class culture’ among the city folks and it is not surprising that social networks like Facebook have amongst the most ‘Facebook like’ in their luxury brands’ page. Netizens have tweet and tweeting for years and taking the social networks to brag about a luxury product they purchase and encourage their friends to buy the same so that they are in some kind of league with each other via donning a similar brand. Luxury brands can actually foster camaraderie among friends and marketing psychologist have did a successful job in using a luxury brand as a cohesive social identity.

Most of the brands in Malaysia particularly those in Pavillion , Star Hill and KLCC that catered primarily for luxury market have offer wider range of choice. Their products range have expanded over the years in these malls and also offer better deal for the affluent buyers . The Versace outlet in Sogo has widen their luxury home wares section and offer a wider choice for the city’s riches. Faithful buyers can find their favourite brand’s offer more easily via their mobile devices and would recommend to their friends immediately any exciting offers. The constant updating of their webpage for these luxury companies is a very smart marketing strategy so that their aficionado buyers are not easily bored by the stale product range they normally visited.

Luxury brands in the country have extended from high end products such as apparels to luxury services such as beauty. Clarin of Paris is one of the luxury brand associated with beauty service.  If one take a stroll along the aisle of Suria KLCC, one would easily discover that there a wide selection of not only luxury branded products but many luxury services on offer.

This is in line with the growing affluence of the country particularly those residing in the city where donning a reasonably priced designed apparel is so much a decency in our current social-economic norm.

It has been a hope that Malaysian made products would entered the international luxury brand arena. This would definitely uplift the country’s profile in the global stage because our own high end backyard are decked with foreign made luxury brands. If a Malaysian made product can compete on this global scale, then all Malaysian should be proud when they stepped into a foreign soil.

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