Introducing the new android tablet Nokia N1

Comeback kid who is not new but a vintage name in mobile communication technology 

Introducing the new android tablet Nokia N1

Nokia announced the launching of the new Android powered tablet to be first launched in China. A new sensation and a fresh bombshell to the technology savvy crowd that are always vigilant of a new gadget associated with a tech-link brand name.

Except this brand name is not something new in the market but a very vintage name being the oldest and first brand name that produced the world first mobile phone back in 1987. Well, 1987, that was 27 years ago and was also the first mobile phone brand that came to Malaysia with it earth shattering buzz talk amongst the businessmen of that era. A status symbol certainly accorded to those that carried a Nokia mobile phone then and caused so much jaw dropping and eyebrow raising of the people of that time. Remember? It was the Nokia first mobile invasion in Malaysia. So much talks about this new contraption then, that subsequently other technology companies come out with a super top agenda to rush and dash to this ‘apex of jewels’ of our existence at the closing of the 20th century.

Well, we are now in the 21st century and mobile technology still pervade our consciousness or I would said dominate it. It is the chief agenda among our young and their main topic of conversation and even cohesion because of the various social networking apps that fostered closeness between friends.

Remember when James Bond flashed out his Nokia mobile phone. Remember why people buy vintage brand watch such as Rolex. Remember why people go for vintage brand car such as Volkswagen. It is time tested. It’s reputation goes with a long service that come with a long passage of time, that runs through generations. It is trust built on passage of time. Nokia still holds the record as the top of the vintage brands when come to time tested service in fostering closeness among loved ones and friends.

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It now extends it vintage service by reinventing itself with a sleek designed that is compatible with the latest mobile sold under other leading mobile brand names in Malaysia. Sleek, trendy and thin enough that it may even dethrone the ‘young king’ in the Malaysia mobile technology scene. It is truly a comeback kids just as much as Volkswagen come back with a sporty coupe as an answer to the young with a disposable income.

Remember when Barrack Obama said during his inauguration in 2008, he could not part with his beloved Blackberry. Well, that was 7 years ago. That time, Blackberry was the first in the smartphone genre. The Finnish company is always the first in all things new and novelty that siege our imaginations for a long time to come. It forged into our collective memory that the brand name Nokia is always associated with novelty and mobile technology, much firmer in our minds than any other latter or new comer mobile phone companies that begin to troop out one at a time over the years. The global mobile scene is still experiencing the entry of many new start-up mobile manufacturing companies breaking out into the market with their attention seeking low pricing offers but they could never match Nokia with it time tested reputation.

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Nokia N1 tablet is almost indistinguishable from the leading tablet seller in the Malaysian market in terms of sleek, colour, trend and thinness. The feature is eye catching and would definitely caught the attention of many young and tech savvies segment who are always on the review of a new bombshell in this technology scene. Nokia is the answer to this segment and also to that earlier generation of users that have fostered a kind of affinity with this vintage brand name that had loyally served their communication needs with their loved ones for so many years.

Malaysia is welcoming this comeback kid with a new reinvented look that had served them loyally for so long with an open arm and new expectation. Having it on our hand is certainly a conferment of status symbol for that generation that can recollect it from memory and a new trend for the present generation seeking for all things new and sporty.

Welcome Nokia to your new audience ready to embrace you with your ever enchanting look and design. Your service is our trust and our trust is built on time. You are time tested. So it is trust tested with no betrayal.

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