Month: November 2014

International day for the elimination of violence against women


Yesterday, (25.11.14) was chosen as the day to eliminate violence against women.
Violence against women is a violation against human rights as universally recognized in the United Nations charter against human rights violation.
This day is chosen to mark the violent death of three Dominican sisters campaigning to end the country’s dictatorship rule back in 1990.
Violence against women is not just physical violence but could take many forms.

List below are some form of less conspicuous violence that happened in our midst :
1. Intimate partner violence such as coercion for sex, even the woman is the domestic partner
2. Psychological and emotional violence such as stalking.
3. Female circumcision.
4. Rape as a weapon of war
5. Etc
Why violence against women cannot be tolerated in our modern society today
The psychological consequence of violence against women has far reaching ramification on the individual been violated.
Studies after studies on the psychoanalytical basis have conclusively found that the women been violated suffered deep emotional damage that could last a lifetime. Such cruelty against a fellow human being should never be tolerated in any civil society and should be vigorously condemned.
Amongst the long term damage a woman sustained is post- traumatic stress syndrome or more commonly known as PTSD with it comorbid emotional damage such as depression, anxiety and phobia.
Such emotional damages could render a person susceptible to even graver consequences such as ill mental health. Poor mental health is among the main cause of work disability today that is silent because very few people can notice the symptom in another person. The campaign to eliminate violence against women takes to a greater momentum due to many of such psychological findings that has been unraveling on human behavior breaking into new grounds in our universities today. Such research finds are concomitant to that of child abuse, another issue that the United Nations is taking a serious view.
The violence against women should be highlighted by our media
Such affront against humanity would still shrouded in obscurity if not for a few brave individual who dare to expose it and talk about it in the media, thus taking the issue to a new dimension hitherto taboo in many traditional societies.
By taking the issue to the media and highlighting it wrong has change many traditional perceptions concerning this issue. Many people of bygone age treated the issue of domestic partner violence as a family internal issue and refuse to broach about it. Changing their mindset and awareness that it is not only a human right issue but a criminal one and having high profile individuals speaking out against it in the media help to break many old mole that still dominate our consciousness.
In Malaysia, the appointment to a cabinet level of a minister overseeing the aspect of women affairs has help to underline the importance of women as part of our society. The minister should come forward to speak more of violence against women in conjunction with other international initiatives such as those of the United Nations.
The advent of the internet and the purveying of information has help tremendously to re-educate the public especially those still held in the patriarchal setting in the rural areas and hinterland.
There are still some people who quipped that old mole cannot be dispelled. The massive campaign to eliminate violence against women for the past decade had changed tremendously the old mind set prevalent a generation ago. The print media in conjunction with other channels of public communication have dispelled a lot of such old mind set. They have help to reorient many public perception of taboo. Women who have sustained violence themselves should come forward to speak out against it in the media. This would help to create a virtual cycle of public education on this pressing issue. The momentum is well gaining speed and should be maintained.
One such woman is Malala Yousafzay, the winner of this year Nobel Prize for Peace. The Noble committee specifically chooses her for this year Nobel Peace Prize to highlight the international detest against violation of women. She was shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for the right of education for children, especially women.
Other high profile case of violence is that the recent NFL player Ray Rice assault against his fiancée was suspended for the national league. Such a move to suspend a star player who enjoyed high publicity has help to educate the general public on domestic partner violence. In former times, it would just be another domestic issue. A person’s household affair should not be intruded into his professional career. The American football league did the right thing to reorient the public consciousness that this is just another family issue.
By putting this high profile case in the public domain, the American football league, an arena where a lot of male macho and masculinity played into the minds of the young, help to educate the future generations what is wrong.
Changing old pattern of thoughts and re-educating the future generation on a hitherto hidden issue forged by old and mouldy mentality is the chief objective of today agenda. And the agenda on a global scale is to eliminate violence against women.
Keeps the momentum going and the world would be a better place for all to live in as a community in the future

Shopping Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the richest women in the world, but she is a very savvy shopper. She asks herself questions like “how would this go with what I have?” She thinks twice about buying anything and avoids getting caught up in the shopping excitement. You know you have been a smart shopper if you bring home a purchase and there is no guilt or buyer’s remorse.

Although Oprah Winfrey can purchase anything she wants, there are her tips and tricks that will help you be a savvy shopper, look trendy and stay within your budget.

Shop Around

A sale price is not always the best price. A deal may not be a real deal if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Shop around, tweet your friends for their recommendations. Take it easy when you see something that is attention grabbing

Read sale ads very carefully

There may be some that say “quantities limited”, which means they only have one in each size.

Travel Costs

Take travel costs and time commitments into consideration. If bargain is across the city, you may not be getting a deal when you add in time and gas. Find a boutique near you and shop there.

Price Matching

Look for price matching policies. There are some merchants who will match or beat a competitor’ price. They may only do it one time, but that one time may be all you want right now.

Shopping Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Online Shopping

One of the best deals you can find might just be online shopping. Shop online and compare prices for fashions you want. Do keep shipping costs and delivery times in mind when you are purchasing online.

Read Ads Carefully

Buyers beware when an ad says buy one, get one free or free gift with purchase. If you don’t really want or need the item, it is not a deal. Good advice for any type of shopping trip.

Sales Adjustments

Ask about sale adjustments. There are many times when a buyer goes into a store for an item and the item goes on sale the next week. Some stores will refund you part of what you paid. Just try it the next time you purchase something that goes on sale shortly.

Take along a Friend

Don’t forget your Facebook friends when you are ready to go shopping. Ask them what they think would look awesome on you and what they would recommend. “Like” different shops; they will send you coupons and bargain tips.

Mix and Match

Purchase items that will enliven your wardrobe. Avoid purchasing something just because it looks good. Mix and match what you already have.


One of Oprah’s tips that every woman should take to heart is your bag. A structured bag gives your outfit instant fashion. Try purchasing a bag in a bold color or one in gray; this year’s color.

Don’t match jewelry

Mix gold and silver. It really is all right. You didn’t need to match all your jewelry. Just let the metals fall where they may.


Add a belt to your outfit. A jeweled belt makes everything elegant. Take your look to the next level by wearing a unique belt.

Oprah looks good because she is a savvy shopper. The wisdom she passes on to you is logical and just good common sense. In today’s world where “anything goes”, look your best by following the basic rules; and not spending more than you can afford.

Introducing the new android tablet Nokia N1

Comeback kid who is not new but a vintage name in mobile communication technology 

Introducing the new android tablet Nokia N1

Nokia announced the launching of the new Android powered tablet to be first launched in China. A new sensation and a fresh bombshell to the technology savvy crowd that are always vigilant of a new gadget associated with a tech-link brand name.

Except this brand name is not something new in the market but a very vintage name being the oldest and first brand name that produced the world first mobile phone back in 1987. Well, 1987, that was 27 years ago and was also the first mobile phone brand that came to Malaysia with it earth shattering buzz talk amongst the businessmen of that era. A status symbol certainly accorded to those that carried a Nokia mobile phone then and caused so much jaw dropping and eyebrow raising of the people of that time. Remember? It was the Nokia first mobile invasion in Malaysia. So much talks about this new contraption then, that subsequently other technology companies come out with a super top agenda to rush and dash to this ‘apex of jewels’ of our existence at the closing of the 20th century.

Well, we are now in the 21st century and mobile technology still pervade our consciousness or I would said dominate it. It is the chief agenda among our young and their main topic of conversation and even cohesion because of the various social networking apps that fostered closeness between friends.

Remember when James Bond flashed out his Nokia mobile phone. Remember why people buy vintage brand watch such as Rolex. Remember why people go for vintage brand car such as Volkswagen. It is time tested. It’s reputation goes with a long service that come with a long passage of time, that runs through generations. It is trust built on passage of time. Nokia still holds the record as the top of the vintage brands when come to time tested service in fostering closeness among loved ones and friends.

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It now extends it vintage service by reinventing itself with a sleek designed that is compatible with the latest mobile sold under other leading mobile brand names in Malaysia. Sleek, trendy and thin enough that it may even dethrone the ‘young king’ in the Malaysia mobile technology scene. It is truly a comeback kids just as much as Volkswagen come back with a sporty coupe as an answer to the young with a disposable income.

Remember when Barrack Obama said during his inauguration in 2008, he could not part with his beloved Blackberry. Well, that was 7 years ago. That time, Blackberry was the first in the smartphone genre. The Finnish company is always the first in all things new and novelty that siege our imaginations for a long time to come. It forged into our collective memory that the brand name Nokia is always associated with novelty and mobile technology, much firmer in our minds than any other latter or new comer mobile phone companies that begin to troop out one at a time over the years. The global mobile scene is still experiencing the entry of many new start-up mobile manufacturing companies breaking out into the market with their attention seeking low pricing offers but they could never match Nokia with it time tested reputation.

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Nokia N1 tablet is almost indistinguishable from the leading tablet seller in the Malaysian market in terms of sleek, colour, trend and thinness. The feature is eye catching and would definitely caught the attention of many young and tech savvies segment who are always on the review of a new bombshell in this technology scene. Nokia is the answer to this segment and also to that earlier generation of users that have fostered a kind of affinity with this vintage brand name that had loyally served their communication needs with their loved ones for so many years.

Malaysia is welcoming this comeback kid with a new reinvented look that had served them loyally for so long with an open arm and new expectation. Having it on our hand is certainly a conferment of status symbol for that generation that can recollect it from memory and a new trend for the present generation seeking for all things new and sporty.

Welcome Nokia to your new audience ready to embrace you with your ever enchanting look and design. Your service is our trust and our trust is built on time. You are time tested. So it is trust tested with no betrayal.

Jennifer Lawrence is turning herself into lightning rod in supercharged hot drug issue


Jennifer Lawrence recent hobnob with Woody Harrelson in SNL in a show hosted by him could lend her into a lightning rod, so hot to handle that she might cringe in regret because the host is a well-known activist in the current hot button issue of marijuana legalization for medical purposes in several states.

It wouldn’t had come at the most propitious moment where many lawmakers in DC are hotly debating this supercharged issue and was one of the defining factor in the congressional election ended recently, with many pro pot use proponents were singed by their constituents.

Woody Harrelson is not closeted about his drug use during his heydays in the 80s and was a poster boy for the trendy liberalism that constituted the core of the Hollywood establishment there. After all where Woody is residing? He is staying in that yoke of liberal trendy cluster in his own home state of California where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes.

Well Jennifer Lawrence is part of that trend or would conveniently said ‘tribe’, trying to catch the wave of that trend and conforming to that norm of that tribe in showbiz where liberal, trendy and funny feel is part of everything. Better watch out, Jenny, those conservative headhunters are after her neck. They could turn her into the lightning rod for the hot acrimonious debate going on in DC and every state Capitols. Her showbiz popularity as an actress and her recent film The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part one could help them to propel their anti-drug campaign by harping on her link to Harrelson but at the same time her rating could also be notched up several rungs because of so much public sensation generated.  On the other divide, those liberals in DC could turn her into a poster girl for their crusade to use marijuana for legal purposes.

In any veins it may flows, Jennifer is going to have more paparazzi visiting her front doors out of such hot publicity generated. She spoke of her fears of paparazzi due to the high profile she elicited as an actress as reported in Huffington Post (11/16/14) and her evasion of all forms of social networking as invasion of privacy. Her hobnobbing with that Harrelson would not help at all but likewise could assist in enhancing her rating in the viewing public.

She has to reckon with the fact that stardom come with a price, the price that you can hardly hide your privacy as a de facto public figure but choosing the right forum to hobnob with is also a wise choice or which tribe with their separate agendas to ingratiate with is also a wise decision to make.

Whatever tribe she headlong into, one thing is certain is that she is going to receive higher profile, rating and review that would help in every direction to improve her acting career.

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